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Emsworth Skatepark

Posted: November 20, 2007

Emsworth is about a 20 min drive, tops from our home turf – a couple of miles past Havant, Hampshire. They had the skatepark re-vamped (i think) in 2005 with a total budget of £90,000. To be brutally honest, i am sure they could have done a lot more with that money than what they came out with! 

But that aside, the skatepark does have a fair bit to offer. Most of which is dominated by the BMX’ers because its all in massive proportion. Some pretty sick local BMX talent there.. and also a fair number of skateboarders too. 

The park does flow..slightly, but still has that Council feel to it. Its concrete so landings are hard, but the surface does not get slippery when the night sets in. Steetlamps also surround the park providing a skate-able lit park, although not the best source of lighting. Still, this means that the park is used to its full capabilities. 

The park features two large quarter-pipes at either end with a jumpbox/pyramid-hip between them. The Pyramid has a long hubba going down each end. Pretty thin and gnarly. There is also a half pipe at one end, on a right angle with one of the quarter pipes, creating a transitioned hip. There is also a fairly oddly placed grind box. 

As all places that are lit at night, you find a few of the local emo’s heading down there. No one really causing trouble, and a pretty friendly bunch of local skaters and riders. Not really worth a huge mission to check out, but if your in the area and its dark then you should probably swing by!

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