Bearded Man Deck, Natural


The Bearded Man deck is part of a two-deck mini-series from artist and team rider, Jack Penny. 

These decks are pressed and printed entirly to order, straight from Canada using 100% Canadian Maple - the only wood that should be used in skateboard manufacture! The freshness of the board is something you do not get from other manufacturers.

All our boards come with FREE grip, stickers and postage (UK only).



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Width: 8.25"
Length: 31.875"
Nose: 7"
Tail: 6.625"
Concave: med-high
Wheelbase: 14"

Width: 8"
Length: 31.625"
Nose: 7 "
Tail: 6.625"
Concave: med-high
Wheelbase: 14"

Width: 7.75"
Length: 31.375"
Nose: 6.75"
Tail: 6.5"
Concave: med-high
Wheelbase: 14"

If your unsure about what size you want, you should pop into your local Skater Owned Store and get their advice. For your nearest Herbal stockist, click here.