Amsterdam: Day One

Words & Pictures by Harvey Mills

Several weeks after agreeing to shoot the forthcoming Herbal trip to Amsterdam, I remember asking where we were going to be staying: “Well, from what I can make out, it’s a squat in an abandoned school….”

Four plucky Herbal team riders from the UK (Marcus Payne; Jack Penny; Lloyd McLeggon, and Marc SA Carter) two filmers and yours truly on stills, don thermal kecks, and schlepp relentlessly around the city of coffee shops and hookers (formerly clogs, tulips and cheese). Here’s the first in a four-part photo-blog on our nasty little sojourn….

  • Schipol station

After travelling for what seemed like a week, we arrived at Schiphol Airport, meeting Nosa Ketting (our Dutch host and guide), and tech-machine Lloyd McLeggon – who’d arrived a couple of days earlier to acclimatise.

  • Waiting for a train

A train and tram ride later, we entered our accommodation. The grand tour revealed one of the creepiest, but raddest places any of us had stayed in. An old, disused school on the outskirts of the City, painted floor to ceiling in classic institutional hues. Bloody oranges, dirty greens, and the occasional varicose-vein blue were the shades that formed the backdrop of our brief tenure.

  • No running in the corridors
  • Corridor of certain doom harvey mills
  • Over his shoulder

On the lower of the two floors, was an open area that Nosa had turned into his own indoor DIY spot.

  • Jack back smith

Jack Penny - BS Smith

On the way into the city (and testing our desire to find some decent coffee), Marcus hits a burly street gap, and we spend a couple of hours in this little recreation area that had a few buttery smooth ledges. Serious lines from the get-go…

  • Marcus gap ollie
  • SA back tail
  • Lloyd crook over rail

Lloyds Mcleggon - BS crook over

Finally, we made it into town for a cheeky latte. The look of joy says it all as trip filmers Von Shape and Axle Nobrot make their well-deliberated selection…

  • Kids in a sweet shop

After one coffee too many, we stumbled through the dusky streets to the next spot, where we are joined by some locals including Mees Van Rijckevorsel who busted out a sschtylissch switch back 180 wallie over a planter, yessscch?

  • Mees switch FS 180 wallie
  • Lloyd mcleggon wallie

Stay tuned for Day Two, for more tales from the crypt, radness on the streets, and carnage in the City of the kamikaze cyclist.

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