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Havant got street

It's not everyday that we have new spots popping up around our local area, so you can imagine how stoked we were when this once came up just down the road from us!  We took some of the team there to give it a warm up. Shout-out to Sam Way for…

30 seconds at Prevail Skatehouse

Marcus and SA got a couple of clips in a recent private session at Prevail skatehouse.  Those that don't know the park, get there and check it out. The driveway kickflip at the end is so huge... try it yourself!

Marcus and Noddy at Prevail Skatehouse

We managed to squeeze in a little Prevail session last Wednesday. Marcus and Noddy were ripping as always and loads of other great skaters there getting their lines in.  Wednesday is the day at Prevail - if you want to see or skate with some of the South Coasts finest, get…

The School of the Dam(ned)

    • Lloyd Mcleggon
Words & Pictures by Harvey Mills Make sure you are up to speed with the story so far! Day one - Day two - Day three It’s been two weeks since we returned from Amsterdam, and I still can’t feel my hands or feet. Let’s face it, the chances of defrosting…

Amsterdam: Day Three

    • Peering in
Words & Pictures by Harvey Mills You are reading Day Three - bring yourself up to speed with Day One and Day Two. You know the day’s off to a hella start when someone (*ahem* Marcus) drops a freshly crafted jazz fag onto a primed mousetrap and then spends 20…

Amsterdam: Day Two

    • Ghetto ashtrays
Words & Pictures by Harvey Mills Have you read Day One? Click to catch up Having spent our first night kipping on the squat floor, we awoke early on Day 2 to discover that our makeshift digs had been rudely gate-crashed by some stealthy vermin. They’d taken an instant liking to…

Amsterdam: Day One

    • Schipol station
Words & Pictures by Harvey Mills Several weeks after agreeing to shoot the forthcoming Herbal trip to Amsterdam, I remember asking where we were going to be staying: “Well, from what I can make out, it’s a squat in an abandoned school….” Four plucky Herbal team riders from the UK (Marcus…

A Change in Wood

Since Herbal was started, many-a-year ago, we have always printed on the best quality wood we have been able to get our hands on (or feet, as it were). In the very beginning, we went directly to a well-established wood shop in Canada, using their fine Canadian Hardrock Maple.  As we…
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Spencer does front flips

    • Spencer Flip
Spencer is a friend of ours who does some free running and general bouncing around.  Her thought it would be a good idea to do a front flip over Marcus down the local. Rad

Marcus and Noddy at Petersfield

    • Noddy Rands, Feeble fakie
We made a quick drive-by visit to Petersfield on the weekend.  Noddy was ripping this Bowl and Marcus throwing down some lines before he smashed his back on the corner of a box... Get well soon, buddy!